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Oh, hi there! Nice to e-meet you.

I’m Katharine—aka “Kate”—and I’m obsessed with 3 things:

1. Storytelling

2. People

3. Light


Like a handful of you reading this, I moved to NYC to be an actor. A couple years ago, I saved up for some fresh, new headshots—with a reputable photographer—and was stunned to see a result that didn’t particularly look like me, or reflect my personality, at all. I was terribly disappointed, since—as you know—acting isn’t the most lucrative business and I had been ecstatic to snag new shots. 

Lightbulb Moment

I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands—to tell human stories using photography and to accurately represent the unique light in each human I shot. I had been wanting to purchase a nice, current camera (to replace the hobbyist DSLR I'd been using for years), and this moment--these photos that looked nothing like me--told me it was time. I went big and purchased some pretty snazzy equipment, and dove headlong into reading books, taking courses, and studying the art of photography. I confess: I remain obsessed and madly in love with this art--and this opportunity to study the beauty of humans. I’ve also made it a point to shoot nearly every single day since. While I’m constantly evolving, learning, and finding new + unique ways to better my work, I can tell you this: I feel incredibly comfortable behind the camera, getting to know you as a human and artist, and capturing your light for the world (…and casting directors) to see. It’s important to me that we not only get a shot of you looking your absolute best, but also that we get shots that reflect what makes you YOU. 

What You Can Expect from a Session

+ A conversation about your needs, your marketing, and what you’re after

+ Some snazzy tunes (your choice)

+ a bevvy (coffee? mimosa? be my guest)

+ as many looks as we need in the time allotted

+ some sneak peaks at shots I’m snagging of your gorgeous mug 

+ a chill but focused atmosphere

+ 60-90 minutes of shooting, unlimited looks within that time

+ indoor studio and/or outdoor shots

+ ~100 shots to choose from within 48-72 hours post shoot

+ 1 Retouched Photo included, available within 10 days of selection.

Where I Shoot


+ Los Angeles

+ Dallas

* Email for travel booking.

Standard Headshot Shoot (Inquire for Lifestyle/Dance Shoot Pricing)

+ 60-90 minutes of shooting (add 90 minutes for MUA)

+ studio and/or outdoor/location

+ unlimited looks

+ 100+ shots to choose from within 48-72 hours post shoot

+ 1 Retouched Photo included, available within 10 days

+ Additional Retouches available for $50/photo

*Highly recommended: add a hair + makeup artist for $250.

Book Online through the site or email to schedule a session.

Live elsewhere? Shoot me a message. I’m regularly on-the-go and travel frequently; let’s see what we can do.


Sound like a party? It always is!


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